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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

"All of our clients customers "Are Camera Ready!"


WARNING! VIP is addictive!

  I have been in the sunless business for over 7 years and VIP is AMAZING! No crackly lizard skin with this stuff! I spray bikini models, Playboy models and bodybuilders and they love it! I even have clients who will drive over an hour to get to my salon and get their VIP fix! I would never use anything else! Amy Hoover, Bronzers Sun Spa, Florida

 I have been in the industry for 16 years and been with Thomas for many many years and have and would follow him and his service anywhere! He tells it straight and sells it straight. My kind of business man! The customer service is always his priority and he will go to that xtra care to get that juice (sunless) right for you and your clients. I have used every juice in the USA and abroad and when he says its VIP Premium it is what it is!!! New artist/technicians to the industry? Want education Thomas will give to you and those tips will follow you through your career. I use a many of his tips of the trade still today. Thanks Thomas and WOOT to you and your much deserved success!!!!

Customer for life!Kathy @ BravoTan :)

 Great company, Thomas has been very helpful in starting my sunless tan service, love the product and the Maxi-Mist system has worked flawless. Thank You VIP.


 VIP Sunless Solutions is a great product.The natural bronze color you get from the Photoshoot line is longer lasting and less sticky than all others we have tried. Thanks VIP (liquidisland.com).

 Great color great service. the best of the best. No Need to say more! Bsygrl98

 I am very new to the industry, and the staff at VIP made me feel comfortable and confident by answering all my questions. The knowledge and experience at VIP is priceless, the products are amazing, and I feel like I have a great partner in VIP! Paige...Sunset Mist - Atlanta GA

 Always wonderful to deal with Thomas, very cheerful and professional....and such wonderful products our clients love the color of our spray tans....Love being your customer....thanks Thomas. Tan usa largo fl

 Myself and my clients have used VIP Premium Blends and cannot say enough good things about the products! LG

 Vip solutions...quality products and excellent customer service! Thomas truley goes above and beyond! I would choose no other! KC @ Dermview inc.

 I am so excited for you on your new adventure.. I look forward to working with you and love the customer service.. Its always been great and even better now!!! Lots of luck for success... D.Gallaher

 VIP solutions give the most even, natural color that lasts! The customers love it. Thanks, Thomas Tangirl Lincoln, NE

 VIP Products rock! Love the juice, staff is great, you order, they ship. Everything you expect and more. After a few years and always wondering what I might get with my next order as consistancy was never a forte of my other supplier, VIP is a very refreshing company to do business with. Thanks Team VIPCV Inc. Tanning Guru

 The solution goes on dryer and less sticky. Nice scent and better fading. Customers have complimented it.P White: Natural Glow

 VIP products are awesome, I have had great responce from clients on color and quality. Also the knowledge and service you can gain from Thomas is great. GOOD COMPANY!!! Shelli, Tropical Tans

 We have been offering Sunless Tanning at our salon for about 5 years now. We have tried just about every tanning solution out there and I have to say this new company and its Tanning Solutions are "Top Notch!" Friendly staff, fast delivery and our customers are commenting on their sunless tans color and longevity more than they ever had before. Keep up the good work and we are so happy we were referred to VIP. Mike, Electric Beach Ohio

 I have been doing air brush tanning for 6 years. I have tried almost every solution on the market. My customers are loving this solution. It fades better than any one I have ever used and the color is the most natural one that I have tried. I also purchased the HVLP sprayer and it is awesome. Keeps the overspray and waste to a minimum. Thanks to the VIP team for you super support and service!!!!Kris - The Hair and Nail Club

 I tried VIP after reading a couple comments and I am so glad that I did! The staff is so friendly and Thomas answered my barage of questions with ENDLESS patience! My clients love the new solutions and it smells great! My husband actually complimented me! You have a new friend and fan! Tiki Tans

 Wow, we are very impressed. This may be a new company but it is very obvious that the people behind VIP are no strangers to Sunless Tanning. Excellent Solutions and the photo shoot can was an instant hot item and the staff made me feel like a true VIP. Rachel - Sunny Bunz Alberta

  This sunless solution was dropped off for my cowokers and I at my tanning salon to try. We all fell instantly in love with it! I immediatly called to order some for myself. The customer service this company provide is top notch. They are very informative and eager to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.I highly recommend this product, the results are incredible, and I get so many compliments on my tan after using it. My skin is very fair, and it looks so natural and absolutely stunning. Brigette Erickson - Miami Tan


 Reviews (Internet Forums)

K from Louisville |

We use Mystic solution & Clients either liked it or hated it. Orange hugh was normal w/ Mystic solution. I started using different solutions in our booth for that last few years & ran across this company actually by accident. I'm so glad this "accident' had a terrific outcome! OMG this solution is actually what it says it will deliver! Its not that "normal" sunless look.It actually is a "Brown" tan & our feedback has been unbelievable! The smell is awesome! Clients love the fresh clean scent. The immediate color makes it easy for us to teach our clients what to expect. Color is pretty true to color guard. Skin is soft not drying NO GREEN! Customer service. Receptionist Tara. Amazing!. Sweet & never rushed /rude. The juice guy, Thomas. The best in the business. He didn't try to sell me anything. Explained difference between solutions, suggested ways to do business and then let me do my homework.. NO PRESSURE! PLEASE NEVER CHANGE!!

Mary |

This formula is by far the best solution we have ever used and with 3 tanning salons I can assure you we have tried many. Another thing I would like to say is listen to the staff at VIP. Not only has their products helped with our repeat sunless clientele but the knowledge you gain from talking to these folks will improve your sunless business for sure.

Bonnie |

I have been using the Photoshoot Tan in a Can for approximately 2 years now and absolutely love it. It does not streak and gives you great color, not orangey at all. I use this all year round and get lots of compliments. Great customer service also!!!!



Re: Photo Shoot Reviews


Love love love it.
Never received so many compliments
Even my boss (through 2 years, hundreds of dollars and about 8 different solutions) saw me one day and said 'is that a new tan'? That looks really really good, natural and great.
My boyfriend, whom I grill about which is the best every time I try a new one, agreed that this one is.
He would even come in and out of no where say "Sarah, I swear your tan looks amazing."
The smell is great. Ruboff is slim to none which is a big deal to me. It goes on easy, but exfoliates well also.
Its just perfect to me. And Ive gone through my share of trial runs with all the others!
2 years, much money later.... i found the one!!



Re: VIP Photo Shoot Reviews


I am really loving the Photoshoot too!!!! I did a full body application on Sunday and then on Wednesday I went back over my legs with it and sprayed my arms with the Banana Boat aerosol (which is light). My tan STILL looks great!!!!!!!! I am VERY impressed with this brand!!

 I am loving these products. I use both the 10.5 and 8, but I apply undiluted. Never received so many compliments as I have with these, the color has been amazing. The only thing I use the aerosol spray for is my chest and back, I agree it's somewhat messy, but that is a personal preference for me. I prefer to apply ABS straight with a big blue car pad thing-ma-jig.



Re: Photo Shoot Reviews


Can't believe I forgot to add this tidbit. . .I'm not sure if its the ABS or my new razor (the Venus with 5 blades), but I don't have the same streakage issue on my legs that I've had for YEARS. Granted, I still rub with a washcloth after shaving- just in case - but even doing that before would result in streaking from time to time. I've had none since I've been using Photoshoot.


Re: VIP Photo Shoot Premium Blends Review


I have been in the airbrush tanning business for 7-8 years. I had a mobile spray business for approx 3 years and have owned my salon for 5 years. I spray Hawaiian Tropic models, Playboy models, dancers, etc. It is very important for me to make these models look amazing for their photos and on camera. VIP Photoshoot is one of the best products I have ever used (believe me I have tried them all!) and the only one I will ever use! The solution is not sticky, dries fast and produces a gorgeous, sexy, true brown color. This is actually the first solution I have never gotten lizzardy from when it is fading off. My skin will hold color from VIP Photoshoot for about 9 days, which is insane for me! Also, the customer service is great! Super friendly people!

Bronzers Sun Spa


Re: VIP clear??


type III... but very pale now that we try to not get too much sun. I think someone would start out w/ a lower strength unless they really know they can handle a good rich med/dark... It's not too dark but I love dark and I'm happy. The sample was worth every penny... after all the research and tryin products all these years, it's so great to finally have all the bugs worked out. I added up the cost and it will be the best on our wallet out of everything we have tried. 1 coat was enough - I've never been able to say that. JessKitty, I bet you'll be happy w/ the 10.5.


Re: VIP clear??


I am very VERY happy with the VIP 8 tinted. I am light and do usually have a problem with a darker CG - but not sure enough of myself to use the clear. But I don't have any problem with this one, even if I leave it 8 hours or more. (I have washed off at 3-4 hours too, same nice result). I loved the Tan Extra. too, and the Gimme Brown, but I think this one is even better. I have been using a few weeks, we'll see how it really hold up in the heat in a couple of months. That's the true test for me. But so far, this stuff beats everything in my book. I can't even talk myself into switching to the others for a refresher, because I like this one so much.


Re: May I conduct a poll? 


Photoshot 9% tinted mixed 50/50 with Tan Extraordinaire Clear 10%.


Re: May I conduct a poll? 


Right now my fav is the Photoshoot 8%, I do love the color guide and it seems to last a while longer than the others. My 2nd fav is React, it gives a nice color as well but I don't think it last quite as long as the Photoshoot. I'm still experimenting just to see if there is anything better out there, eventhough, I'm happy with my two favs


Re: May I conduct a poll?


I'm really liking Photoshoot 8% too. Looks really good on


Re: May I conduct a poll? 


Right now Photoshoot 9%. I get good fading, very natural color, not much smell and no ruboff of colorguide so right now it is pretty perfect for me. I have tried over 100 products but I am not so obsessed anymore with trying every new one. I may just stick with this one for a while.


Re: May I conduct a poll? 


Photo Shoot 10.5% washing off after four hours. Very nice color guide that I can wear outside and gives me a nice overall color after showering.


VIP - Photo Shoot


Well, I keep going back and forth on my opinions but right now, I'm really loving this stuff! I just got back from a trip to the beach (and frankly, my tan looks quite dreadful at the moment) and the staying power of VIP was a decent 3-4 days through saltwater and surf! I applied 1 coat of 8% 2 nights in a row prior to my trip. After 3 days of surfing, my tan still looked pretty doggone good as compared to everything else I've ever used. Of course, I'm getting ready to do a complete scrub down and do-over tonight but it's been 8 days since my last ST application. Amazing!


Photo Shoot quick results!


I tried my Photo Shoot sample yesterday, but ended up needing to shower it off (I had to go out) after an hour and 45 minutes, instead of the planned 5-ish hours. I was prepared for a "wasted" tanning session since I'm really DHA resistant, but I woke up this morning with a nice, light tan. Yay! ZERO odor, too, and I also tend to get really DHA stinky really easily.

This one's a keeper. :)


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